About JAWZ™ – A Professional Blending Company

Your blender should be doing so much more. A truly complete kitchen tool, your JAWZ™ blender will replace several appliances on your counter, allowing you to truly be productive with your produce. Our powerful blenders make incorporating wellness into your everyday routine extremely simple.

Originally engineered for professional use, these industrial grade machines can handle just about anything you throw at them with incredible precision. With JAWZ™ true high performance blenders, the possibilities are limitless. You are the creator, so get blending.

Environmental Responsibility

At JAWZ™, we know our planet is our most important resource – and we take our role in maintaining its health seriously.

We pride ourselves on using product coatings that are free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. And while we design our products with longevity in mind, the reality is that small kitchen appliances don’t last forever.

As we work to further our commitment to preserving our planet, we encourage our consumers to also do their part. If a unit cannot be repaired, we encourage consumers to dispose of the products that have reached their end of life in a responsible manner. The resources below are helpful options for locating the nearest recycling centers – we strongly discourage throwing electrical items in the garbage.

Thank you for choosing JAWZ™ products, and thank you for helping us make our planet a better place to live.

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