Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the JAWZ Blender

JAWZ High Performance blender is exclusive on Amazon, get your JAWZ here.

What should I do if I’ve lost my Instruction Manual?

Instruction Manuals are available for download on each product page of the JAWZ website. If your manual is not available online, you can contact our Customer Service team to request a copy by email:

How do I register my JAWZ?

You can register your JAWZ here.

Do I need to use a tamper when blending?

No. With the 3.5 peak HP motor and high performance stainless steel blade, JAWZ ensures even the most difficult ingredients are pulled right where they need to be.

What can I make with JAWZ Blenders?

JAWZ High Performance Blender delivers a full spectrum of textures ranging from hearty dips all the way to smooth purees. Learn more about what you can make in JAWZ Blenders.

Does the JAWZ Blender come with a recipe book?

Each of the JAWZ units come with a colored 38 page recipe booklet for your enjoyment.

What is the Warranty on JAWZ blenders?

Our warranty is for two years. For your warranty to be valid, it is crucial to keep your receipt as a proof of purchase. Your warranty begins from the day the product is purchased as indicated on the receipt.

Can I buy spare parts?

We do not sell spare parts. If your unit is under warranty we offer a variety of replacement parts free of charge. Please contact our customer service team at: 1 566 832 4843 or