At JAWZ™, we are committed to preserving your right to privacy and ensure that every possible measure
is taken to protect the use of any information we gather within our systems and website. Crux complies
fully with the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA).

JAWZ™ may collect personal information provided by you for the purpose of establishing & maintaining
a responsible commercial relationship and understanding your needs in order to develop and/or
recommend products & services of interest to you. Your personal information will not be used for any
other purpose without your consent.

JAWZ™ does NOT under any circumstances sell or share personal information, emails address or contact
lists with any external or third party. Should you provide us with personal information, it will be used
internally only to identify, communicate and provide you with relevant information, advice and/or
solutions to meet your requested needs.

Contact us at any time with your questions and/or concerns.